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Chithi 2 11-06-2021 – Sun TV Serial

Chithi 2 11-06-2021 | Sun TV Serial Chithi 2 11/06/2021 | Watch Radhika Sarathkumar’s TV series Chithi 2 11.06.21 online now.

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Chithi 2 11-06-2021 The story opens with a family, Shanmugam, his wife Padma and their children Kalai and Anbu. Padma surreptitiously has a doter and decides to elope with him. Mallika, a lady from the village madly in love with Shanmugam wishes to espouse him. Padma elopes with her doter with the avail of Mallika. Padma’s younger sister Sharadha has the responsibility of managing the family. A dejected Shanmugam vows to move on and raise his children on his own. Padma’s parents however are mortified by the incident. The villagers collectively decide that to efface this ignominiousness, Padma’s sister Saradha should espouse Shanmugam. Saradha accepts it wholeheartedly and takes the responsibility of the family, thereby ineluctably becoming the root of the family.